Thank You For Being a Halloween Hookup

Oh, Halloween!  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Witches and zombies and ghosts; Pumpkin carving and apple bobbing and candy;The sense of emboldened anonymity inspired by being dressed up in a costume that almost inevitably leads to a Halloween hookup followed by an early morning walk of shame sporting ripped fishnets and some kind of animal ears. .. I love it all.   I always have.

To me, Hawaii is the ideal place to be when celebrating the most fun of all fun holidays.  People here really get into the spirit and there are countless creepy, costumed attractions happening all month.  My personal favorites are The Haunted Plantation (AHHH!), The Hallaballoo Block Party, and, of course, the main attraction– the cluster fuck of drunken costumed debauchery that is the Waikiki strip on Halloween night.   This is where my story begins.  And it’s a good one. gangster girl

On Halloween night 2012, I was feeling wonderful.  I was decked out in my amazingly hot Gangster Girl outfit that I had purchased, as I have all of my Halloween costumes since I moved to Oahu, at Sensually Yours. In my pinstriped corset, matching fedora, knee highs, and fuck me pumps, I felt like the hottest thing walking down Kalakaua Ave.  The generous libations provided at the hotel party before venturing out into the streets might have inhibited these feelings a bit also.  But regardless– I looked good!

My night really began to get interesting, as so many others had in the past, at Mad Dogs (RIP). The dance floor was a plethora of crazy costumes. There was Miley Cyrus grinding on Fred Flintstone and the Evil Queen taking shots with a Ghost Buster, but what immediately caught my eye was four college bros dressed up as the Golden Girls. There is no denying that Bea Arthur was a very hansom woman, and I was immediately drawn to the wasted,  6’2, 21-year-old rocking Dorothy’s signature grey curls. golden girls

Feeling emboldened by our contrasting hotness levels (i.e me decked out in sexy gangster attire and him head to toe in geriatric thrift store finds), I made the approach.

Kyle aka Dorothy and his gaggle of Golden Girls ended up joining my friends and I as we traversed the crazy, crowded, costumed streets of Waikiki, popping in and out of bars and ABC Stores before ending up on Queen’s beach with a bottle of vodka and a very clear knowledge of where this night was leading.

We’d come to the point in the evening where it was time to ditch my friends (a Sexy Sailor, Sexy Mouse, and Sexy Ninja, respectively)

sexy sailor Sexy Mouse sexy ninja

When I came up for air after a particularly heated make-out session with Kyle/Dorothy to tell my friends that I was thinking it was about time for me to take off, I found that they had come to this conclusion before I had.  His seemed to have had the same idea.  We were completely alone and neither one of us had even noticed. It’s such a crazy feeling realizing you were so absorbed in another person that you became completely unaware of your surroundings.  And ok, fine, it was 3am and we’d both been drinking heavily for upwards of 7 hours, but still, it’s a nice thought.

We brushed the sand off of our now a little worse for wear costumes, and headed up to the road to grab a cab back to his place.

The cab ride to his place in Pearl City was long, and we talked the whole time.  He filled me in on himself and his life.  He was originally from South Carolina but moved to Hawaii when he was 16 with his mom and little sister after his parents’ divorce.  He was a junior at Hawaii Pacific University where he was majoring in Biology with hopes of going on to med school.  He had a French Bulldog named “Shelby” who he liked to command to “drink her juice” whenever he fed her.  He seemed awesome, and funny, and open. He got the same obscure pop culture references as me. He was Southern, for fuck sake! I started to think that maybe this wouldn’t just be some Halloween hookup.  Maybe there would actually be breakfast on November 1st and a real date on the 2nd.

His house was nice.  Lots of space and tastefully decorated.  The kitchen and the bathroom were spotlessly clean, which, when walking into a house that one assumes is occupied by several college age males, is a miracle.

We had a few more drinks in the kitchen and by this point I was blind with booze and hormones and was ready for the main event.  We stumbled up the stairs to his room, sloppily kissing and discarding various costume pieces on the way.  That is until he got to where he was about to yank off the wig. “No!” I whispered. “Leave it on!”.  He cackled and called me a freak, but he complied.

We were both much, much drunker than we realized.  We fooled around for about 20 minutes before he promptly passed out and honestly, I can’t even remember if we sealed the deal or not.  I got up in search of a bathroom and stumbled into the first door I could find.  Thankfully, that did, in fact, turn out to be a bathroom.

Here’s where things get awful.

I opened the bathroom door back into the bedroom and saw Kyle with his wig still on completely passed out under the covers.  I needed water and Advil and clothes, but mostly I just needed to sleep, so I climbed in next to him.  I was on my way to pretty promptly passing out when I heard a decidedly female voice from next to me proclaim, “What the actual hell?”.

Kyle had revealed so much to me during our long, heartfelt Taxi Cab Confidential conversation.  He had, however, forgotten to mention that he still lived with his mother.

The bathroom I found adjoined to her bedroom and had a hallway entrance.  I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t exited the way I’d entered.

I rolled over to be met with the very confused eyes of a woman that, now that I was so up close and personal with, I could tell had short brown curls, not gray.

“Um, hi,” was the only lame thing my wasted brain could think to say.

“Are you a friend of Kyle’s?” She asked.  She was being remarkable calm for someone who just had a practically naked stranger climb into bed with her at 5am.

“Yeah, I think, I mean.. this isn’t.. I went to the wrong room.” She actually laughed at that, and directed me down the hall and to the left.

I made my way back to Kyle’s room with my cheeks on fire.  I was wide awake and suddenly shockingly sober and there was no way in hell I was going to risk a few hours of sleep with the possibility of running into his mom in the kitchen later that morning.

I re-dressed myself in my sexy gangster costume feeling significantly less sexy than I had at the beginning of the night.  I grabbed my shoes and phone and slunk out of the house to call a taxi.

I never heard from Kyle again.  I’m not even sure we exchanged numbers.  I’ve thought a million times over about how the conversation with his mother must have gone the next morning and now, with time and distance, I kind of wish I’d stuck around for it just to have a better ending to this story.

Well, it’s that time of year again.  I’m heading down to Sensually Yours tonight to get my costumes for Hallaballoo and Halloween night in Waikiki.  I don’t know how I’m going to top my Golden Girls Halloween Hook-up extraordinaire, but God knows I’ll be dressed for the challenge.


Pleasure for two just got better…


The We-Vibe which touts it’s the “world’s #1 couples vibrator” has been redesigned for a “better fit, heightened intensity, and more control”. For those of you unaware of what the We-Vibe is all about, it’s a dual stimulating vibrator that is worn by the female for simultaneous stimulation to her clitoris and the infamous G-spot. Both partners benefit from the vibrations the We-Vibe omits. After extensive product research and testing, resulting in the most comprehensive knowledge, We-Vibe was left to upgrade it’s already impeccable weapon of mass orgasms.

The We-Vibe 4 is still made with the medical-grade silicon, which makes it safe for the body and completely waterproof. This one also comes with a wireless remote, making cycling through the SIX different vibration modes, simple and quick. One can also calibrate the vibration modes by adjusting the intensity level within each mode. There are 10 levels of intensity one can move through, or just hold down the UP button to jump immediately to MAX intensity. A new vibration mode has been introduced- ECHO- which alternates between the clit stimulator and the G-spot stimulator. Can you say, “Oh la la”?

The We-Vibe 4 comes with it’s own carry case for discreet storage and/or travel. It also uses an eco-friendly battery which is rechargeable via USB connection, and can give you up to THREE hours of play on just a six hour charge! Colors available will be pink and purple, and per the rest of the We-Vibe line, will come with a 1-year warranty. The new design fits all body types and could even be used as a “pany vibe” for secret-public play. Looking for that special Christmas present that will take your partner’s breath away?? Here it is.

The We-Vibe 4 will be in-store by November 1st and Sensually Yours is taking pre-orders NOW. First run of inventory will be limited, so supplies will run out quickly. I suggest you reserve yours ASAP! The We-Vibe 4 will be retailing for $159.95, that’s a small price to pay for the multiple orgasms just waiting to happen!! Come in to Sensually Yours today to reserve yours NOW!! You can also visit our website and reserve there as well!

Boys only!


Boys only!

With the rise of a more publicly known human sexuality, so too has it become more acceptable to talk about ‘needs’ and self pleasure. But this time, let’s just talk about big boy toys…

From Fleshlight to Tenga, male masturbators are everywhere and are as varying as the fish in the Great Barrier Reef!

I think we’ve all seen the traditional, great old original Fleshlight. Patented in 1998 as a ‘discreet sperm collector’ it’s now probably one of the most well know men’s toys on the market. And boy, have they come a long way! From being able to build your own to picking out your favorite porn star’s molded ‘down-belows’ (check out Fleshlight Girls) I’m pretty sure there’s something there for literally every guy! Seriously, we’re talking 48 different internal textures, loads of colors of flesh (from a variety of ethnicities) and ice/crystal (see-through) as well as a limited edition blue color for an Avatar-like look. (Did we mention that there’s also an Avatar parody porn??) We love how customizable Fleshlights are!

Then, back in 2005, Tenga was created (by an auto mechanic!) and so too were the Tenga cups. One time use, disposable masturbators. Discreet to the max, these things don’t even look like anything out there. Pre-lubed and everything they were a hit in Japan. But of course, with all the competition out there they had to step up their game. Out came the Tenga Flip-Holes. Similar to the Fleshlights only in their function, they give male toys a whole new look and feel. Pressure controlled with different textures, a simple squeeze changes the feel on the inside with ease. Easy to clean… And best of all, super discreet. You can’t tell what they are just by looking at them! And then of course came the Tenga Eggs. Meant to be one time use mini masturbators, who can deny how cute they are? Like the cups, these guys come all wrapped and ready to go, but look like Easter eggs! Once you pop em’ open you find that they come with a little lube packet and are textured on the inside to look like the wrapper on the outside. And now they have the 3D line. These have the same concept as the egg, but are larger and way more textured. Also, these guys are reversible and therefore super easy to clean.
And now, of course, there are millions of masturbators on the market. Pocket Pussies probably being better known and more easily accessible and most varying as far as style and color.

All we can really say though, is that we can’t wait to see what they come out with next!




What’s this? Another strap-on harness?

You know how sexy and comfortable you feel in your favorite undies? RodeoH’s new line of harnesses are designed to look and FEEL just like regular underwear, making them quite possibly the most comfortable harness system on the market right now.

Meant to be worn like regular underwear, they’re safe to wear all day. And they’re completely washable since there are no buckles or straps. We’re in love (hehe)!

Compatible with just about any dildo with a base, now there’s nothing between you and your partner but a little bit of cotton and a whole lot of fun!

The New Home Entertainment System for Men

Gentlemen, we all think about our experiences the “first time.”  Some of us get this euphoric feeling and grin from ear to ear. While others may cringe and try to shake the memory of being called, One Stroker Choker off pronto! Whatever the case may be, what if I told you that you could relive that moment and make it perfect.  The moment when you first enter as that tight sensation engulfs your every being.  The intense feeling that takes you over the edge, the way you want, and when you want.

Sensually Yours can make that happen with the New Home Entertainment System for Men, VërSpanken!

This product is made especially for YOU because it is all about You. It is all about the pressure that keeps you going, the temperature that thrills you and the texture that keeps you coming (literally, haha) for more!

Unlike other toys, the user can customize their VërSpanken to fit their preference.  With six different insert options available the experiences are endless.  The FoamWieners™ (included in the VërSpanken box) and WaterWieners™ (sold separately), are both available in Smooth, Bumpy, and Wavy textures. The WaterWieners™ can be used at varying temperatures by either warming them in the microwave or chilling them in the refrigerator. Since there are two separate inserts in the VërSpanken, the user can combine temperatures, textures and/or densities (foam or water).

Use the VërSpanken alone or with a partner. Try the upward curl, rocking and swiveling or maybe the twist! Or even enjoy a little one on one while your partner watches. The point is, the possibilities are endless!



Adore Me on Valentine’s Day and Everyday

   ImageMany might feel, what is Valentine’s Day without flowers, chocolates and dinner? I think the most important question is what is Valentine’s Day without incredible, mind-blowing sex? Everything else is just icing on the cake, the cherry on top,and the yin to the yang (okay, okay you get my point). As you can see I obviously got my eyes set on one thing. Working numerous jobs really takes a toll on not just my physical energy but also the time to plan a night of heated passion, let alone shopping for the necessities. So when I came across the Lelo Adore Me Kit, I knew that it was a sign from the Sex Goddesses.  The Kit includes the MIA™ 2 (Waterproof, USB-rechargeable Lipstick-like personal massager with 6 vibration modes), Intima Silk Blindfold (100% Silk), Sutra Chainlink Cuffs (100% Silk and Suede Restraints with nickel-free metal chain), Signature Gift Card, and Satin Storage Pouch. Everything you need for a night of pleasure and fun. If you must have flowers and chocolates why not incorporate it into this kit. Imagine tying your partner up or getting tied up yourself and blindfolded leaving your body open to be taken to levels of never before felt  pleasures.  The not knowing part, is what increases all your senses and intensifies everything you feel.  Eat dessert served right on your partner’s bare skin as you keep them guessing and wanting more.  Imagine the feeling of the MIA running along all your erogenous zones.   As I write this, I can’t help but get excited (no pun intended) for Valentine’s Day to come. Don’t get me wrong, you can have the flowers, chocolates, and dinner too, but I think I will skip all that and go straight to desert.


Nothing but a T-Shirt on

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  However, the most important eyes are your own, especially when it comes to feeling sexy. Unless you feel sexy, no matter what you wear, you won’t feel good. One needs to feel it and own it. When shopping for lingerie or a sexy outfit to wear for your partner it is important to also find what makes you feel sexy. For example, your partner might want you to wear lingerie but if you are not comfortable in it, they will be able to sense your discomfort and that just is not sexy. Ladies, confidence is SEXINESS. With Confidence you can strut around in rags with holes, still look sexy and feel like you can rule the world.

Here are some tips when shopping for lingerie or outfits to entice your partner:

1)      Look around, feel and touch different materials to see which makes you feel good. Close your eyes and slightly run each fabric against your skin.

2)      Your partner may like a certain style of lingerie but it doesn’t mean you have to wear exactly what they want. Like I mentioned earlier if you don’t feel comfortable in it, they will be able to sense that and that just isn’t hot. Find a piece that accentuates his favorite asset of yours while slightly covering those parts that you still have to get comfortable with.

3)      Bring your partner to the store and put on a mini fashion show. It is always a great and fun way to spend time together. Pick pieces together and try to them on for your partner. It is a good way of seeing what you feel good in and seeing what makes your partner drool.

4)      You don’t have to go fully risqué. Start off slow and with baby steps. The first outfit may be as simple as a silk camisole with matching underwear and a robe. There is nothing wrong with that especially if you feel like a sex Goddess in it. When you feel more comfortable you can progress to crotch-less undies, thigh highs, corsets or not.

Remember ladies, it is what makes YOU feel good about yourself. There is nothing sexier than a woman wearing confidence. 

For me, I feel sexiest with nothing but a T-shirt on…. and some hot stilettos!! 

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